Masters imminent

Well I hope this email finds everyone well. I have garnered many different questions about The Masters blog this year, and I have made a personal decision to move this to podcast form. Me and a friend have started a podcast called LOFT (some of you golfers may have heard of this acronym before, others have not, so I will leave what it stands for to your imagination). Anyway since this is my first soiree into the Podcast world, we did a dry run last night touching on some points in the golf world, including The Masters, but we are really going to delve into just The Masters on our next podcast early next week, and when we put that out I will post it on here. Now me and my buddy are not the most tech savvy guys in the world, but this link below, if you open on a laptop will play with no problem. If you open on a mobile device – you will have to download the podbean app (its free click HERE to download) and then use the link below and you can go right in and listen. So check out last nights 1st ever LOFT podcast here – This is where my Masters update will be next week. Also since the podcast above is our first one ever I would appreciate any feedback from you guys on how it went last night, and any suggestions you may have to make it more captivating. Yes I already know I need a new Microphone, so we can get that suggestion out of the way now.

Related – I am also going to do a video preview as well like the one that I did in 2020 in the covid year, when The Masters was played in November. You can find that link here, there will be differences in the podcast and the video preview so make sure you check them both out – The video one will be here OETV: Investor Research, Analysis & Insight | OpenExchange | OETV and be airing live at 6:00pm EST on Monday the 4th of April.

I get down to Augusta on Tuesday afternoon, will be out on the big course all morning scoping out some players, then going to caddie for dad in the Par 3, so will have some very good intel on the course, players, and picks if you guys can hold out till Wednesday night, we will cover these all on the podcast as well as the exciting possibility and rumors of Tiger possibly teeing it up in on Thursday , and if we do decide to do the podcast before Wednesday, I will post some last minute details and picks on the blog right here.

Well like always this is my favorite week of the year, and I am looking forward to getting down to Augusta to see some family and watch golf at the best sports event in the world.

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