Nucleus195 brings radical change to the interaction between investment managers and research providers worldwide. Our innovative fintech bridges gaps and eliminates inefficiencies between the brightest content producers in developed, emerging, and frontier markets, and the investment professionals who consume it.

The Nucleus195 platform provides global research coverage with insightful research from major brokers, large independent houses, and research boutiques. Nucleus195 delivers the uncommon ideas and insights that investors need.

For investment managers, it provides streamlined ways to access the best and most valuable investment ideas and market intelligence provided by local experts. With research management tools you can finally find all of your research needs in one centralized location.

For content providers, Nucleus195 offers a full suite of advanced yet easy-to-use tools for content creation, distribution, and management – all at no cost. Analytical tools to improve sales efficiency and global promotion of your firm.

For all participants, Nucleus195 delivers a fair, efficient, consumption-based, and fully transparent environment for the buying and selling of investment research.

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