Video Preview – Masters 2022

Most of you on here know that I am trying to stay in tune with the tech world and take my blog into the digital age and avoid my hunt and peck typing style that consumes so much of my time while down at Augusta. I know many of you have already checked out the LOFT podcast, and for those of you who missed it, we put out or 2nd episode last night and it is a must listen if you haven’t already.

Separate from that, the past few years I have done a video preview in conjunction with Nucleus195 along with my brother and Matt Wiley, host of golflandia podcast which is also worth a listen. We will be doing a live show tonight at 6pm ET, with the aforementioned Robert and Matt, along with Nucleus195 co-founder Scott Duxbury as our host. Tune in at 6pm EST tonight on open exchange tv and the recording will be available there as well after the fact. Enjoy

Will be back with another LOFT podcast on Wednesday evening with some first hand reports The Masters, topics we will be covering: the course changes, conditions at Augusta, as well as some last minute picks based on what I see with my own eye. Hope everyone is enjoying and will enjoy all of the above.

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