Masters Wednesday

Just a reminder, we go live tonight on the video blog. Details for tonight are here, also I did a podcast last night with my good friend Matt Wiley who runs the Golflandia podcast. Was on there for about 2 hours, so if any of you are very bored or have a long drive ahead of you, check it out. Basically what we did was do an overview of the whole course, and tried to paint a picture to the listeners of what it is like to be there, and the things you cannot pick up on TV. I thought it went very well, and was completely different than what I will be talking tonight on the live blog.

Just a couple of questions I have fielded already from friends and colleagues that I want to clear up.

Patrons: There are no patrons allowed this year, and if you are playing in the tournament you are allowed to have 1 guest. So that is the reason I will not be there, as dad is not playing in the tournament.

Par 3 tournament: There is no par 3 tournament this year, so that crazy ass hole in one you saw Rahm make skipping across the water was on the 16th hole of the tournament course. It has become tradition for guys to hit that shot in the practice rounds after teeing off from the tournament tee. They do it for the fans and it has become a big hit. I think over time the players really enjoy it as well, and I am pretty sure these guys had plenty of side action on a closest to the hole or something. Vijay Singh also made a hole in one doing the same thing in 2009, check it out.

Hopefully you will check out the blog tonight, and if not I will be reposting it on here when we are done. I am going to have my brother Robert on as a guest, as he knows more about golf than I ever will, and he lives in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and knows a lot of the guys personally, and plays a lot of golf with them. My other guest will be the aforementioned Matt Wiley, who runs a golf podcast for a living, and also can provide unique insights, being that he is plugged into the golf world for a living. Here are the topics we are going to discuss:

First session – Course and conditions

Second session – Pairings

Final session – Odds and Picks

T minus 1 day folks.

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