Masters Blog Update

Really looking forward to Masters week, even though I cannot get my head around that The Masters is happening this time of year. Very excited to bring my blog to you in video form, and that is for 2 reasons: 1) I hate typing so very very much, and 2) Not being to attend the Masters in person, and having a family and a plethora of children, this makes my life exponentially easier, yet you still get all of my thoughts on the tournament, but in movie version. With that being said my covid beard is very very frothy, and I cannot guarantee that I am going to get it trimmed before we light this candle tomorrow night.

Anyway here are some more updates on the video blog. And remember I will also be posting these episodes right on here as well, but I highly suggest you check the links below.

Click Here for more information on the video blog I will be bringing to you this week with the help of Nucleus 195 and Open Exchange

Have a great Tuesday everyone.

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