Masters Blog Is Back

Welcome to 2020 – I am not even going to get into what this year has brought us, but what it is bringing us for the first time in history is a Masters in November. Now I will not be able to be down there as there are no patrons allowed, so my insights this year will just be from my prior experiences and some inside information I can provide. I am going to change it up a little this year and with my new partner Nucleus195. We are going to bring this to you in a series of live videos on, starting on Wednesday at 6 pm EST where we will delve into pairings, picks, what I am hearing, live guests, and a lot more. Recordings of the videos will be available on OETV and Back9blog. Then Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 6 pm EST I will be live again with my thoughts and insights after each round.

So keep in mind a lot of my past blogs I have been able to bring to you from the grounds during the practice rounds, scouting out players, course conditions, weather, and everything else that goes into making The Masters the best sporting event on the planet. Now I know that will not be possible this year, but being this will be the first masters I will miss since I have been on this earth, I still think that that I can provide some useful and interesting insight. Couple that with being the president of the lucky sperm club, and having had the good fortune of playing Augusta National in the fall, I can give you my thoughts on how it can play differently than what we normally see. These are just a few things I am going to provide for you all in the days to come.

Anyway, I will keep you abreast here of when I fine-tune the scheduling and guests on these videos and when I upload them to here, as well as any other updates on this new and exciting chapter from the Back 9 Blog, and my fingers are crossed that in 5 short months I can be bringing you these same insights in April, from on the ground in Augusta.

Have a great day and stay tuned

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